Beta of PrintUI Version 2 Available

We just rolled out “Version 2” of PrintUI. Normally, PrintUI does not change version numbers as we deploy new improvements, but this release is different for a couple of reasons. First of all, there are many improvements to the app. Below is a full list. Second of all, the improvements required major rewriting of the

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Upload and Manage PDF Presets

When InDesign generates a PDF, it uses a “PDF preset” to specify various options to specify various options. For example, you can specify image resolutions or whether to include crop marks or bleeds. We have now made it easier for you to upload and manage your own PDF presets for use with PrintUI. First, use

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View-As and Other Features Added to EasyPrintUI

We have added several new features to EasyPrintUI based on requests from our clients. If you’re not familiar with EasyPrintUI, please see a description or videos to see how you can be up and running with your own web-to-print or web-to-web solution with zero programming and in only one day. View As In EasyPrintUI, you

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Flex != Flash

Flex recently became a top level project at Apache and released version 4.9.0. I’m personally very excited about the project and I’ve seen a lot of confusion and misinformation on the web. Here’s some of facts as well as some of my thoughts on the subject. I hope it will help clarify what Flex is

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Text Style Support

By default, PrintUI displays a text palette for editing all text attributes. Things like font, size, line spacing, color, etc. can all be changed. For cases where the designer does not want the end user to change anything other than the text, the text palette can be hidden. Brand Management Made Easy For brand management,

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Transparency Support

One of the advantages of designing in InDesign is the advanced graphic capabilities including partial transparency and transparency effects. While PrintUI has always supported all of InDesign’s native features on non-editable layers, until now, editable objects have not allowed partial transparency or transparency effects. We’re happy to announce that we now fully support all the

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Words Fail…

Last year, I wrote about Korzybskis semantic theoriesespecially the problems generated among humans who confuse words (symbols) with the objects they represent. Since Im in the business of words, Im forever hopeful that well figure out how to use them well, and resolve our differences with rational discourse. However, having just returned from a publishing

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Discoverability is Key

In our never-ending quest to improve PrintUI, we became aware that not all users are immediately aware that page contents are editable. A first time user does not necessarily know that options not immediately visible are available. Even if they are looking for things to edit, they may not realize that mousing over objects shows

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New Year, New Server Architecture

The last year has been an awesome start for PrintUI! We’re seeing very good adoption of the service and we’re seeing demand for new applications that put a higher load on our servers. We’re always excited to see the desire to use PrintUI for ever more complex applications. Performance is Key We want to make

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Silver Cloud / Dark Lining?

At the risk of channeling the late Andy Rooney, I have a bone to pick with cloud computing and its adherents. Like all business trends, The Cloud (capitalization required) has achieved meaningless buzzword status. It has also attracted its share of pretenders, predators, and puzzled participants. Lets be clear from the start: cloud computing is

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