Welcome Peter Spier

We are very happy to welcome Peter Spier to our team.

Peter is our new Support Specialist and he will be handling a large portion of customer support. I’ve known Peter for many years. He is one of my co-moderators over at Adobe’s InDesign forums. if you post on the InDesign forums there’s a pretty good chance Peter will see your post and try to help you, especially if the problem is unusual or obscure and relates to a print workflow. He is by far the most prolific poster on the InDesign forums and he’s one of the top 5 participants in all of Adobe’s forums!

It goes without saying that Peter is extremely knowledgeable in InDesign, and support issues are in very capable hands! I will sleep better at night knowing Peter is on board.

Peter has been in the design field for a long time. He started designing in the late 1960s when he designed jewelery for his jewelery business. Later his passion for design found an outlet in building construction. As Peter puts it: “It doesn’t matter what you are designing. Designing is all about putting things together in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.”

A very important skill for a craftsman is to properly understand his toolset. Peter started with InDesign in version 2.0 and has been using InDesign now for 8 versions. He has even had a hand in shaping the features of InDesign that we have today. Peter’s publishing experience includes working for both newspaper and magazine publishers, as well as stints as a prepress technician in conventional offset and wide-format digital print services where he saw just about every mistake a designer could make (sometimes his own) and learned to fix them. He also has a small freelance design business and has sent hundreds of jobs to press. Peter loves helping people learn how to use their tools. He’s taught InDesign in college and has helped thousands of people on the forums over the years.

We are confident that Peter’s participation will make learning to use PrintUI a more pleasurable experience for all our clients.