Streamline Brand Compliance
Secure and Scalable
Self Serve Customization
BrandingUI graphic showing connection between Indesign, end user, portal admin and template designer

How BrandingUI Works

BrandingUI is an affordable turnkey version of the InDesign-based PrintUI approach. Be up and running within one business day with your own online collateral management system.


25 Users

Average Cost per User $24/month

Additional Users ($5/user/month)

Unlimited InDesign Template Uploads

Includes 1 MonthFREE TRIAL


50 Users

Average Cost per User $17/month

Additional Users ($4/user/month)

All Features of ADVANCED plus

Create corporate structure to include business units & departments

Single account sign-on using your corporate authentication

Dedicated BrandingUI Server

Includes 1 MonthFREE TRIAL


75 Users

Average Cost per User $13/month

Additional Users ($3/user/month)

All Features of ENTERPRISE plus

Create multi-channel campaigns

Create branded portals

Auto-population of content

Customizable output job options

Includes 1 MonthFREE TRIAL

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Survey: salespeople can't get what they need. 90% use custom sales collateral in their role. 63% say it takes several days.
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