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Instant Client Portals for In-House Marketing Departments, Designs Agencies, and Printers

You can be up and running within one business day with your own online collateral management system. Use your in-house design team or outside agency to professionally design templates using Adobe InDesign and easily upload them via a simple-to-use PrintUI management panel inside InDesign. Then, from your web browser, instantly make the templates available to your clients anyplace in the world, restricting which clients can see which templates.

BrandingUI is an affordable turnkey version of the InDesign-based PrintUI approach. Try it for 30 days for free, with monthly rates after that starting as low as $599. BrandingUI gives businesses a fully-functional, branded collateral management system for secure online design and ordering, approval workflows, production email notification, and the quality of Adobe InDesign.

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Feature Advanced Enterprise Campaign
Number of users (contact us if you need more) 25+ 50+ 75+
Average Cost per User $24 $17 $13
Cost per Additional User $5 $4 $3
Monthly Subscription Fee $599 $999 $1299
Upload your own InDesign templates Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Same day setup
End user customization web app
Support mobile devices like tablets
Affordable shared InDesign server
Use your own branding
Image gallery supports Box, Dropbox, etc.
Online storage of customized user content
Submit for final completion or save for later
Personalized subdomain
Administrator email notifications
Access to design documentation
Create accounts for your clients
Control which templates each client sees
Allow users to change the page size
Custom PDF preset lets you control final PDF output
Final output delivered via immediate download, email, FTP, or Internet
Notify users when project status changes
Brand your site with your own colors
Advanced image galleries on our servers Option
Job approval workflow
Up to three levels of approvals
Control download file type (PDF, JPEG, or InDesign)
Generate HTML for landing pages Option
Mail merge from an Excel file
Allow users and approvers to select a PDF preset
Specify watermark to use for PDF proofs
Search for projects by date or by metadata
Archive client projects for up to 6 years
Automatic client creation
Multiple administrators
Temporary guest accounts
Control what the end user can and cannot change
Users can add, remove, or move pages
Styling controls for brand management
Template-by-template settings that override the defaults
Fine-grained template-by-template settings
Auto-populate templates with user information
Special approver user types
Support business units and departments
Assign approvers to departments
Optionally authenticate users from your company site
Import and export users
Convert customizations into templates
Design and submit HTML forms for approval
Form-by-form settings that override the defaults
Use your company's own Internet domain
Settings overrides by department
Approver can sign in to see all pending approvals
Dedicated BrandingUI server
Customizable job completion options (output format, output destination, etc.) by site, department, template, or form
Customizable site design by site or department
Simultaneous multi-channel campaign (print, html, social) support, including reminders as an individual project
Auto-populate multi-channel campaign (input once - output multiple)
Dedicated InDesign server Option Option
On-premises BrandingUI server Option Option
On-premises InDesign server Option Option