Enhance DAM Workflow: Introducing BrandingUI for Everyone

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the ability to access and utilize the right resources is crucial for success. Yet many individuals face a common challenge—the creation or modification of marketing collateral often presents an intimidating roadblock for non-creative employees that significantly hampers productivity and stirs widespread frustration in many organizations. Employees company-wide struggle with specialized

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New LinkrUI Feature: Universal Image File Type Support

LinkrUI, the leading DAM connector for Adobe and Microsoft applications, has just released an exciting new feature to simplify users workflow when working with non-supported image file types. Universal Image Filetype Support allows for on-the-fly conversion of non-supported image file types to a supported file type for seamless file placement across Adobe and Microsoft applications.

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New LinkrUI Feature: Version Support

Our team is excited to introduce a new feature of LinkrUI: Version Support. LinkrUI with Version Support empowers you and your team to easily filter through all the versions you’ve created in your digital asset management (DAM) system and select the one you want to make the current version for you and your team. This

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New DAM Integrations for LinkrUI – DAM Connector

Santa Cruz Software is excited to announce new digital asset management (DAM) integrations for LinkrUI, our DAM connector. Our goal with LinkrUI is to help teams streamline their workflows and improve collaboration by connecting Adobe applications and Microsoft applications to DAMs and other cloud services, making it easy for teams to access and manage their digital assets.

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New PrintUI Feature: Self-serve Admin Site

Santa Cruz Software is proud to announce the launch of the PrintUI Self-serve Admin Site, a consolidation of all the administrative resources for PrintUI with a modern new user interface. With this site, end users and resellers can easily manage their accounts to improve their PrintUI experience. End users will be able to log in

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Santa Cruz Software Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Santa Cruz Software, a global leader in software development for cross media content publishing, is celebrating its 10th anniversary since first launching its suite of software design tools that empower collaboration between teams and increase productivity. Serving clients across the globe, Santa Cruz Software offers three design-focused software tools (PrintUI, BrandingUI and LinkrUI) that provide

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Survey: 66% of Sales Pros Proceed Without Marketing Collateral They Need

When relying on team members to create their requested collateral, 63% say it takes several days to receive the collateral they need, and an additional 14% say it takes weeks or longer. As a result, 66% often proceed without the customized marketing materials they need because the materials are too difficult to create or find.

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