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How BannersUI Works

BannersUI is an ad design automation platform, enabling designers to design just one banner using their favorite Adobe tool and then create a batch of banners automatically in various sizes.

BannersUI deconstructs common design file formats (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign) and then analyzes file objects to resize and reposition those objects, optimizing artboard outputs for a variety of dimensions and output file types, such as jpg or png.

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The primary use case for Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems has historically been about finding archived content in a timely fashion. The major issues have been solved for a couple...

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Graphic explaining how BannersUI creates multiple ad outputs from a single design file you input
BannersUI is available for pre-release embedded integration into DAMs, and it will enable designers to design banners ads and other digital outputs for various sizes with a few clicks. This...
Survey: 85% of designers struggle with repetitiveness of resizing graphics. 22% report extreme frustration with resizing process.
For those who handle the task on their own, 85% struggle with their resizing process, and 22% find their resizing process extremely frustrating....