Our Experience at the OnDAM Paris Conference

We recently attended OnDAM Paris 2023 by Activo Consulting, a renowned conference in the digital asset management industry. This event brought the brightest minds in DAM to the heart of Paris. The conference was an ideal stage for us to introduce our latest innovation, BannersUI, an ad design automation platform. We were fortunate to provide a demonstration of BannersUI during the event, showcasing how the tool offers a practical solution for creating multiple banner ads from a single design file.

BannersUI is engineered to integrate seamlessly with existing DAM systems. This tool is designed to revolutionize the design process for both designers and marketers, streamlining workflows and fostering creativity. BannersUI benefits DAMs by increasing usage throughout each business customer. As a result, DAMs are each likely to expand user seats as customers bring in additional team members, including those who are not primarily involved in design activities.

Our demonstration of BannersUI was well-received, affirming its potential to enhance the efficiency of DAM systems significantly. Participating in the OnDAM Paris was a valuable opportunity to engage with industry peers, absorb the latest trends and gain insights from experts in the field. We’d like to congratulate Activo Consulting for organizing such a comprehensive and insightful event. Specifically Frédéric Sanuy, CEO & Founder, and Malika Kecich, Executive Director & Co-Founder, played a big role in making the event a wonderful success. The knowledge and connections we gained there are invaluable and will undoubtedly influence our future innovations and strategies. We’re excited about the advancements in DAM and look forward to contributing to the ongoing evolution and growth of this dynamic industry.