Our SAAS technology connects Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, and Google Workspace applications to DAMs and Cloud Services. 

Four Unique Software Offerings

To Simplify Workflow in Design & Marketing


A design automation platform that enables graphic designers to design a single digital ad using their favorite Adobe application and then create a batch of banners automatically in various sizes for use in digital marketing campaigns.


A digital assets management (DAM) connector for use with Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office Applications that synchronizes digital assets between your software and hosted storage hubs.


Allows businesses to ensure brand compliance and streamline the workflow associated with planning, executing and distributing cross-media marketing collateral and campaigns in a customized portal.


Develop branded front-end sites for online or automated customization of InDesign templates for marketing brochures, datasheets, catalogs, retail signs, HTML and print advertisements andbusiness cards.

Our Partners

Partnering with DAMs around the world

We are proud of the strong partner ecosystem we have developed in conjunction with service providers worldwide. Years of investment in this ecosystem have produced significant opportunities for these partners and Santa Cruz Software — and equally significant value for our mutual customers.

News & Product Updates


Product Update

DAM Partners of Santa Cruz Software Can Instantly Offer Creative Workflow Tools to End Users Santa Cruz Software today announced BrandingUI is now available for more than 20 leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems that are existing partners with Santa Cruz Software. 

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BannersUI enables designers to design banners ads and other digital outputs for various sizes with a few clicks. This benefits DAMs by increasing usage throughout each business customer while strengthening the relationship between DAMs and graphics teams.

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Erica Gamet looks at Santa Cruz Software’s BrandingUI product. This branded marketing portal allows teams to work together to customize sales and marketing materials. Designers can create company templates—maintaining control over what items can and cannot be changed.

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Santa Cruz Software, a global leader in software development for cross media content publishing, has announced a survey that shows designers struggle with the repetition of redesigning graphics for various sizes, for instance when creating ads for various ad networks or social media platforms.

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