Santa Cruz Software Welcomes New DAM Partners

New DAM Integration Partners for Santa Cruz Software

Santa Cruz Software is excited to announce that we have integrated new DAM partners Image Bank, MarcomGather, ResourceSpace and WoodWing. With these new additions, we now partner with over 25 DAMs. This expansion enables us to provide world-class design collaboration tools and seamless workflow solutions to hundreds of more end users.

All of our DAM partners are fully integrated with our major creative workflow products, LinkrUI and BrandingUI. LinkrUI connects Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe ExpressMicrosoft Office and Google Workspace to DAM and cloud storage services for direct asset access, while BrandingUI streamlines marketing collateral workflows and ensures brand compliance through a customizable online portal integrated with Adobe InDesign. These new integration ensures that DAM partners and all of their users benefit from smooth workflows and a host of other advantages.

At Santa Cruz Software, we are proud of the strong partner ecosystem we have developed. Years of investment in this ecosystem have created significant opportunities for our partners and for us — delivering exceptional value to DAM users and the DAMs themselves. We look forward to continuing this journey of growth and innovation with our new partners, and we are excited about the enhanced capabilities this will bring to the digital asset management community.