CENTURY 21 Germany

CENTURY 21 Germany has been using BrandingUI (formerly EasyPrintUI) for over 5 years. The broker network of CENTURY 21 is a worldwide network of successful real estate agents with many years of experience. Driven by the desire to offer our customers the highest quality in the brokerage of their residential property, all CENTURY 21 real estate agents are equipped with the best expertise and state-of-the-art technology.

Indigo Golf Partners

Indigo Golf Partners provides full-service management of and consultation to more than 160 golf clubs in 29 states. They have been using our BrandingUI portal for several years now and their benefits have been huge. They have been able to expand while reducing their workload and drastically reducing their turn-around time on marketing campaigns. We have enabled them to go from 3 week design cycles to less than 24 hours. The marketing team used to respond to 5.5 requests a day, and now they handle 2.5 requests a day. The rest of the requests can be self-served with BrandingUI. This enables the marketing team to be much more creative and pro-active in their campaigns.