BrandingUI Design & Workflow Tools Now Available to DAM Partners of Santa Cruz Software

DAM Partners of Santa Cruz Software Can Instantly Offer Creative Workflow Tools to End Users

Santa Cruz Software today announced BrandingUI is now available for more than 20 leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems that are existing partners with Santa Cruz Software. BrandingUI is a marketing template portal that offers a streamlined workflow for content creation for enterprise end users.

BrandingUI enhances the overall operational efficiency for end users with an array of workflow capabilities that include permission setting, project access for user groups, approval processes and job completion output path setup. This requires no additional integration from DAM partners, immediately increasing the DAM customer value.

These new capabilities are now available thanks to the integration of BrandingUI with LinkrUI, the best-in-class DAM connector by Santa Cruz Software. Any DAM already integrated with LinkrUI can instantly offer BrandingUI to users. Additionally, the process of integrating LinkrUI with new DAMs is both fast and straightforward, typically completed within a few weeks. As a result, new DAM partners can quickly provide their users with new design workflow tools.

With BrandingUI, designers can create templates in their preferred design tool and lock certain elements to ensure branding is maintained. An administrator will then grant access to non-designer team members who can create jobs from those templates without risking brand compliance. Those non-designers can easily include assets that are stored in the DAM. Approval workflows can be implemented to ensure the final assets are approved by the right stakeholders before assets are printed, published or shared. Finally, the output path can be set so the final asset is sent to the correct final destination, whether that is a website, social media post, a printer or a folder on a shared DAM. 

“Our DAM partners can immediately offer their customers a powerful creative workflow tool without the cumbersome integration process,” said Mark Hilton, CEO of Santa Cruz Software. “This setup significantly streamlines workflow for designers and their teammates, where users no longer need to exit their workflow to access their DAM. Our seamless integration simplifies and fast-tracks this process, encouraging productivity, saving time and empowering users to maintain brand compliance while creating new marketing and sales materials. Additional creative tools will be released this year, unlocking additional capabilities with no additional work required from DAM partners.”If you’d like to see if your DAM is already integrated with LinkrUI, see a list of DAM partners here. If you are a DAM and would like to offer these workflow tools to your end users, learn about the simple integration process here.