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First Impressions

It never pays to resist or deride innovators especially in the world of print. The clerics and inquisitors who warned us about the dangerous innovation of Herr Gutenberg (himself a pious man) ended up on the losing side of that technology argument. William Morris decried the industrialization of the printed

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Consumer Media Choices: Paper or Silicon?

Not all that long ago, our communications choices were limited to print and some form of analog broadcast. Computers changed how we created media, especially for the printed page, but not the medium itself. Of course that all changed with the Inter-Web and its latest incarnation: mobile devices. In the

PrintUI image gallery screenshot

Introducing the PrintUI Image Gallery

We just recently added a new Image Gallery feature to the PrintUI web application. While end users are customizing a template, they can not only upload images from their computer as in the past, but they can now select images from the Gallery. By default, the sources for images include

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The Perils of Print+Mobile

Last week, I journeyed to Chicago for this years Graph Expo, the annual trade ritual for the struggling print industry in North America. Occurring only a few months after drupathe worldwide version of that experience Graph was something of a re-hash. My editor at Printing Impressions acknowledged this when he

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Survival On Demand

In nature, a species has to either adapt to an ever-changing environment, and increasingly efficient competition, to survive. Sudden, drastic changes make survival less likely. One popular notion is that such a change an asteroid impact, an influx of volcanic activity, or what have you brought about the extinction of

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Printing and Saving Trees

One of the most popular misconceptions about print is that it is harmful to the environment. Grinding up trees and using chemical-based inks for printing is (we are told) unsustainable. Large retailers, banks, and telecom companies tell their customers that switching to e-billing will save trees. For the most part,

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Print Is…

The question is print dead? is superficial nonsense. The real question should be: What is print, and why should we care? Print is everywhere, and is likely to continue for many, many years. Putting oil-based ink on ground-up trees may decline,* but it will be replaced by other printing methods


The new PrintUI Installer for Magento

We’ve now made it really easy to integrate PrintUI into web storefronts that are based on the free Magento Community Edition (see Once installed, the store administrator is able to easily create a customizable product in the catalog by just specifying a template name and size, and select yes

PrintUI multi-page screenshot

Introducing Multi Page Support

Just 2 months after the press release of the first version launch of PrintUI, we are happy to announce our second major version! We’ve had many small updates between our launch and now, but this is our first major new feature push since launch. PrintUI now has full support for

PrintUI language support

Czech Language Support

We are constantly expanding into new areas and forming exciting new partnerships! We are currently working with a partner in the Czech Republic to offer PrintUI as part of their solution and we are happy to announce that PrintUI now has full Czech language support! We are working with partners


Introducing Template Tagging

Some PrintUI clients have asked for a way to categorize their templates once they are uploaded to the PrintUI servers, so we are today introducing a new feature called template tagging. PrintUI developers can use several new APIs to manage tags as well as apply tags to specific templates. Because

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Why Flash?

Flash has gotten a lot of bad press over the past couple of years. Without getting into ideological discussions, we wanted to explain why we chose Flash as the technology we use for our web app. Flash was “killed” prematurely. Steve Jobs would have everyone believe that Flash is dead.