Text Style Support

By default, PrintUI displays a text palette for editing all text attributes. Things like font, size, line spacing, color, etc. can all be changed. For cases where the designer does not want the end user to change anything other than the text, the text palette can be hidden.

Brand Management Made Easy

For brand management, this is not enough. The look of text is clearly defined, but very often the user has to be able to change the styling, but be confined in how the text will work. InDesign has a mechanism designed for controlling the look of text, namely text styles. We are happy to announce that it is now possible to specify that a dedicated styles palette be used instead of the standard text palette. The stlyes palette will show all styles in the InDesign document, and selecting a different style will apply the styling defined in that style (and remove any local overrides). Both paragraph and character styles are honored.

The new feature is available today in PrintUI Pro by adding the flashvar:
useStylePalette = "true". The option will be added to Easy PrintUI soon.