Upload and Manage PDF Presets

When InDesign generates a PDF, it uses a “PDF preset” to specify various options to specify various options. For example, you can specify image resolutions or whether to include crop marks or bleeds.

We have now made it easier for you to upload and manage your own PDF presets for use with PrintUI. First, use InDesign to create a custom PDF preset. The preset file will have a .joboptions file extension. Then, log into https://admin.w2p-tools.com and click on the new Settings option in the navigation bar. You can see which PDF presets are available for you to use, including all of the built-in presets, and you can upload and delete your own PDF presets.

To use a specific PDF preset with PrintUI, pass the preset’s name into the requestpdf API using the preset parameter. (Or if you’re an EasyPrintUI customer with an Advanced Plan, just manage and specify the preset on the administrator’s Advanced Settings page.)