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Our Philosophy

There are lots of web-to-print and web-to-web solutions out there. Why do we think ours is the best? Here’s some insights into our philosophy that went into creating our solution. Why InDesign? We chose to use InDesign Server as our rending engine for a number of reasons. The two most


New Features Added Since Launch

We’ve been really busy. Since PrintUI first launched earlier this year we’ve been hard at work. These are the new features that we’ve added: Web App Features: Locked frames. Support for all supported InDesign file types (including PDF, AI, WMF, PNG, BMP, GIF, etc). Support for placed linked images in

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The New PrintUI Blog

We decided that it’d be useful to start a PrintUI blog. What will we blog about? As we add new features, we’ll let you know about them and also give you details about how they work and how you might use them. We also would like to give you some