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Transparency Support

One of the advantages of designing in InDesign is the advanced graphic capabilities including partial transparency and transparency effects. While PrintUI has always supported all of InDesign’s native features on non-editable layers, until now, editable objects have not allowed partial transparency or transparency effects. We’re happy to announce that we


Words Fail…

Last year, I wrote about Korzybskis semantic theories especially the problems generated among humans who confuse words (symbols) with the objects they represent. Since Im in the business of words, Im forever hopeful that well figure out how to use them well, and resolve our differences with rational discourse. However,


Discoverability is Key

In our never-ending quest to improve PrintUI, we became aware that not all users are immediately aware that page contents are editable. A first time user does not necessarily know that options not immediately visible are available. Even if they are looking for things to edit, they may not realize


New Year, New Server Architecture

The last year has been an awesome start for PrintUI! We’re seeing very good adoption of the service and we’re seeing demand for new applications that put a higher load on our servers. We’re always excited to see the desire to use PrintUI for ever more complex applications. Performance is


Silver Cloud / Dark Lining?

At the risk of channeling the late Andy Rooney, I have a bone to pick with cloud computing and its adherents. Like all business trends, The Cloud (capitalization required) has achieved meaningless buzzword status. It has also attracted its share of pretenders, predators, and puzzled participants. Lets be clear from

PrintUI new layer

New Layer Features

We love seeing the new and innovative ways our customers are using PrintUI! As a result to customer needs we rolled out an update this week with a number of new features relating to layers. Transparent Background One request that we got from a number of clients was the ability

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Print Different

This is typically the time of year when columnists, pundits, and bloggers look back at the past year, and ahead to what the next one may bring. Assuming the planet will not end altogether on December 21st, here’s my retrospective and glimpse forward for the printing industry. For some, the

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Paper Power

Elsewhere in this space, Ive written about the environmental misconceptions surrounding print and paper. As it turns out, the print medium is potentially[1] the most sustainable and least problematic when it comes to energy consumption and carbon emissions. However, it turns out that paper is not only benign environmentally, but

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Fear of the Dark

Admittedly, Halloween would have been a better holiday for this post, but since superstitions have no fixed season, I thought Id dredge up an old one namely, printing as a dark art and ask if those same fears cloud our thinking today. When Gutenberg’s vision of print manufacturing first emerged,


PrintUI Tools 2.0.7 Released

We just pushed out version 2.0.7 of our InDesign PrintUI Tools panel. We have had Extension Manager updates available from the beginning, but users tend to open the Extension Manager very rarely and are not always aware of new updates. Starting from version 2.0.7, the panel will alert users when

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What Makes Paper So Special?

When discussing the merits of print communication, pundits like me tend to fixate specific applications like publishing or business communication, but don’t say much about the medium itself: paper. There are preconceptions about its inconvenience in dealing with large quantities of data (true) or its negative impact on the environment

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October was a Busy Month

And I’m not referring specifically to the newest little baby boy Harbs… 😉 We delivered two major new features being the Image Gallery feature and Easy PrintUI. We are very pleased with how both have been received. Placing images from social image sources such as Facebook, Flickr and Picasa is