Mistakes Happen

That’s Why Auto-save is So Important One of the features that has been requested a number of times is the ability for PrintUI to automatically save a document to the server while working. We’re happy to announce that PrintUI now supports auto-save, so your users never have to worry about losing their work. By default,

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New PrintUI Localizations

We have PrintUI users all over the world, and we constantly add new languages as user demand requires. We’ve recently added a number of languages. We’re happy to say that PrintUI now supports 9 different languages and there are more in the pipeline! Currently we support the following languages: English (US) Czech Dutch Spanish Mexican

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Welcome Peter Spier

We are very happy to welcome Peter Spier to our team. Peter is our new Support Specialist and he will be handling a large portion of customer support. I’ve known Peter for many years. He is one of my co-moderators over at Adobe’s InDesign forums. if you post on the InDesign forums there’s a pretty

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Text Frame Resizing

Until today, PrintUI had two types of text frames: unlocked frames and locked frames. Locked frames had the behavior that they expanded in height but had a fixed width, while unlocked frames expanded in both directions. The direction that text frames expand were dependent on the vertical justification settings of the frame and the alignment

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New Search Feature for Image Galleries

PrintUI image galleries now support the ability to search for images. This capability can be added to any gallery, but the implementation will vary. For example, for galleries that connect to a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, the gallery connector code will usually just call the DAM’s search API to do the search. Similarly, for

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Fotolia Stock Photography Support

PrintUI now supports purchasing and using stock photography from Fotolia ( To get some sense of how it looks to an end user, click on the Demo button from the home page and then click the Add Image button after selecting a template. A new Fotolia tab is shown where you can view previously

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New Features in EasyPrintUI

Today we have added several new features for EasyPrintUI and have begun restructuring the code with the intent of supporting localizations later this year. New Features for EasyPrintUI Advanced The most significant new feature for the Advanced version is template-by-template options. In other words, for each of your templates you can now optionally override the

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PNG Output from InDesign Server

You can now generate PNG files using the requestpreview and the getresult APIs. This is especially useful for templates that have been created with a transparent background. Simply set the type parameter for the API to “png”. Please see the PrintUI InDesign Server APIs document for more details.

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Controlling Image Resolution in PrintUI

PrintUI offers a few different ways of controlling resolution of linked images. The options differ slightly and it is not always obvious how they interact. Here I will try to explain it in detail. A bit of history: Among the first features we introduced to PrintUI was the ability to preflight images. Preflighting is done

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Beta of PrintUI Version 2 Available

We just rolled out “Version 2” of PrintUI. Normally, PrintUI does not change version numbers as we deploy new improvements, but this release is different for a couple of reasons. First of all, there are many improvements to the app. Below is a full list. Second of all, the improvements required major rewriting of the

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