More EasyPrintUI Features

Even though we had just released a new version of EasyPrintUI at the end of April, we have already added two new features that will be important to many of our clients.

  • The Users page now allows an administrator to search using any of the text that can be found on the user’s Details page. This includes useful things such as time zones and department (for Enterprise accounts) that are not normally visible on the Users page. This will be especially useful to our clients that have dozens or hundreds of users.
  • On the Templates page, administrators can now easily rename the categories for all their templates at one time. The new Rename Categories page allows you to rename just one or two categories (or subcategories), or every single category and subcategory all at once. This is especially useful as things change over time and your end users need to have their Home pages organized differently. In addition, all unassigned templates (those shown with “None” for the category) can all be assigned to a category at one time.