More Customization Flexibility

We have added a number of features to meet flexibility requirements for editing content.

Color Replacement

One of the feature requests which has come up over the years is the ability to change the colors of a job. Some time back we added some APIs to allow adding colors and specifying their values. This was mostly useful for applications using our variable data APIs. We are happy to say that we’ve expanded these APIs to allow the changing of existing colors — including colors on background and foreground layers.

These changes allow to completely change the color scheme in a job programmatically. When the job is loaded into the web editor, the document will display with the new colors.

Expanded Liquid Layout Support

A few months ago, we added support for Liquid Layout and resizing templates for output while preserving the liquid layout rules when resizing. We have now added the ability to use Liquid Layout to change the size and layout of jobs before loading the content into the web editor. This allows for more flexible workflows utilizing Liquid Layout and tweaking content after it was resized.

Glyph Insertion

One feature which has been requested in the past is the ability to insert bullets and dingbats in the web editor. We’re happy to announce that we now have the ability to insert any glyph your fonts contain via a special palette which can be opened from either of the two text palettes. You can select any available font and double-click on a displayed glyph to insert it into your current selection.

Assorted other improvements

  • Additional run-time option for controlling resizing behavior of table columns
  • Runtime option to hide the crop marks in the web app
  • Runtime option to highlight table cell borders
  • Ability to disable image palette options in the web app

Please see our developer documentation for full details.