Say It Interactively!

Our blog has been quiet for the last few months but we’ve been very busy!

Embedded HTML Content

One of our new features which we are very excited about is the ability to edit embedded HTML in our web app. This means you can specify a Google Map, YouTube video, or just about any other arbitrary HTML to be used in your content. This feature is most useful when used in conjunction with our “micro-site” output where the HTML content will be fully interactive. For non-interactive content, we insert a static rendering of the HTML as an image.

To use and edit embedded HTML, you will first need to “Insert HTML” in InDesign. When this template which has HTML content is uploaded to PrintUI, we will automatically display a special HTML Content palette which allows for editing the HTML content and generating previews.

One thing to note:

The HTML specified in the palette is validated by the web app to make sure that it will render correctly when output. Our HTML validation is somewhat strict and some HTML content which most browsers can properly render will be flagged as invalid. This includes things like un-closed tags, and attributes which have no value. We automatically fix the most common cases, but if you encounter a case of HTML content which should be accepted but the app rejects, please let us know so we can handle that case specially.