Instagram Support & Better Control Over Social Galleries

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added support for Instagram in our galleries. If you have social galleries enabled, Instagram will show up automatically for your users. After logging in, your users can use their Instagram images as they would any other gallery.

We have also added support for specifying which social galleries show. To show all social galleries, you can continue specifying “true” in the social gallery run-time options. If you want to only show specific ones, you can specify comma separated list of gallery codes.

The following galleries and associated codes are currently available:

  • Facebook: “fb”
  • Flickr: “fk”
  • Picasa: “pcs”
  • Dropbox: “db”
  • Instagram: “insta”

So, if you want to load only Facebook and Instagram, you’d specify “fb,insta” for the showSocialGalleries run-time option when you load the SWF or HTML web editor on your web site.

There is also a new listsocialgalleries API that allows you to programmatically get the list of all available social galleries. Please download the PrintUI Admin Server APIs documentation from for details.

We’re hard at work on more cool stuff, so stay tuned… 🙂