New Features in Today’s EasyPrintUI Release

Today we released a number of new features in our hosted EasyPrintUI solution (see for more details). All existing EasyPrintUI customers will automatically get these new features at no extra charge.

These features are now available for Advanced and Enterprise accounts:

  • You can now allow your users to resize their templates. To enable this feature, you will need to prepare your template using the liquid layout feature in InDesign and then use the new Allow resizing setting. When your users click on a template thumbnail on their Home pages, a new page appears that tells them the current size and allows them to specify a new size. If all of your templates are resizable, use the setting on the Advanced Settings page. Or you can specify the setting on a template-by-template basis on the Template Options page under Other Options. For more details, please see the Designing Resizable Templates section in the Tips for Designing PrintUI Templates documentation available from
  • Each job can now go through up to three levels of approvals. And you can require from one to all approvals within each level before the next level of approvers is notified. You can specify this either on the Settings page for all jobs, or on a template-by-template bases on the Template Options page.

These features are now available for all types of accounts:

  • You’ll find new choices in the Downloads of customized results dropdown on the Settings page allowing a completed job to be transmitted via either FTP or the Internet (via an HTTP POST). A ZIP file is sent that contains the PDF as well as an XML description of the job. If you specify other file types, such as JPEG or HTML, those are included in the ZIP as well. For Advanced and Enterprise accounts, these options can also be specified on a template-by-template basis on the Template Options page.
  • The PrintUI editor now fills the entire screen which provides more screen real estate for editing and prevents users from accidentally navigating away from the editor.
  • The data on the administrator pages fit better on the screen and are now paginated if there are more than 100 lines of data.
  • Pages that show job thumbnails now load faster.
  • There have also been several bug fixes.