PrintUI Announces EasyPrintUI Enterprise Edition

To address the growing demand for global marketing automation and the need to push marketing decisions and personalization to local field marketing and sales teams within enterprise companies, PrintUI has released the Enterprise Edition of our popular EasyPrintUI service.

Don’t mistake the name “Easy” in EasyPrintUI Enterprise Edition. Enterprise companies have complicated business structures but they would still like to have a quick and uncomplicated setup. EasyPrintUI Enterprise Edition accomplishes all of this. The setup is painless … get started the same day you sign up. The Enterprise feature set addresses the complicated business structure of big companies. It starts with all the features in EasyPrintUI Basic and Advanced and then adds more…:

  • Users can be authenticated via a company server without requiring an EasyPrintUI sign in.
  • Be able to import users.
  • Be able to export users.
  • Administrator can define a business structure (business units and departments).
  • Users are assigned to a business unit and department.
  • Adds a new user type of Approver.
  • Adds support for a new form template type in HTML format.
  • Form-by-form settings overrides.
  • A customized job can be converted into a template.
  • Let’s you control which templates to show to users by business unit and department.
  • By default, supports 150 end users, but add as many as you need for a modest per user fee.
  • Runs on a server hosted by PrintUI that is dedicated only to your company.

In addition, the Enterprise Edition is available with the following options:

  • Dedicated InDesign server (hosted by PrintUI)
  • On-premises EasyPrintUI server
  • On-premises InDesign server.

Click here for more information and a price quote.