New Features in EasyPrintUI

Today we have added several new features for EasyPrintUI and have begun restructuring the code with the intent of supporting localizations later this year.

New Features for EasyPrintUI Advanced

The most significant new feature for the Advanced version is template-by-template options. In other words, for each of your templates you can now optionally override the default settings that you set via the administrator’s Settings page. For example, you may want to have a different approvals workflow for certain templates. Or perhaps you want to use a different image gallery or restrict what the end user sees as far as editing options for some templates. You can now do all that and more by just clicking the new Options button next to each template listed on the Templates page.

Another new feature lets you specify the resolution of JPEG downloads. You can set a default value, but also override the resolution on a template-by-template basis.

New Features for All Versions

When a user clicks on your logo in the heading area of the web page, you can now specify a URL to link it to whatever web page you want. You might, for example, want it to go to your business’s web page rather than the EasyPrintUI home page.

End users no longer lose the customizations they have made to a template if they don’t actually finish submitting their job. Instead, the job is marked as “incomplete” on the History page and they are able to continue with their customizations and submit the job later. This even works if the user gets to the Submit page and then realizes that they want to request a new account. Once you approve their account request, the job automatically appears in their History, but marked as “incomplete.”

The History now also has a Remove button next to each job so that end users can delete the job if they no longer need it.

The Download and Approval pages now show only the buttons that make sense. And when a PDF, JPEG, or IDML version of the customized template is downloaded, a friendlier file name is used.

And, of course, a number of bug fixes have been made.

Please enjoy the new features and let us know what you think. We’re also always interested in hearing your ideas for new features for EasyPrintUI.