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Santa Cruz Software Enhances BrandingUI with Advanced Ad Design Automation

BrandingUI Automates Time-consuming Task of Rendering Banner Ads for Popular Platforms Including Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – July 10, 2024 – Santa Cruz Software today announced BrandingUI, a distributed marketing resource portal, now offers ad design automation, enabling users to automate the resizing and reformatting of


BrandingUI Design & Workflow Tools Now Available to DAM Partners of Santa Cruz Software

DAM Partners of Santa Cruz Software Can Instantly Offer Creative Workflow Tools to End Users Santa Cruz Software today announced BrandingUI is now available for more than 20 leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems that are existing partners with Santa Cruz Software. BrandingUI is a marketing template portal that offers

Enhance DAM workflow: introducing BrandingUI for everyone

Enhance DAM Workflow: Introducing BrandingUI for Everyone

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the ability to access and utilize the right resources is crucial for success. Yet many individuals face a common challenge—the creation or modification of marketing collateral often presents an intimidating roadblock for non-creative employees that significantly hampers productivity and stirs widespread frustration in many organizations.

Survey: designers get blamed for poor sales, want customizable templates. In a survey of 300 graphic designers 65% spend half their week or more making small tweaks

Survey: 89% of Designers Get Blamed for Poor Sales

Graphic designers spend significant time managing small tweaks, like swapping headlines, dates or images. These requests often distract them from bigger design projects while stifling their productivity.

Survey: salespeople can't get what they need. 90% use custom sales collateral in their role. 63% say it takes several days.

Survey: 66% of Sales Pros Proceed Without Marketing Collateral They Need

When relying on team members to create their requested collateral, 63% say it takes several days to receive the collateral they need, and an additional 14% say it takes weeks or longer. As a result, 66% often proceed without the customized marketing materials they need because the materials are too difficult to create or find.


July 14th Release of BrandingUI

On July 14th, we released a new version of BrandingUI (formerly EasyPrintUI) for all existing customers with the following features: A new “cc” feature has been added that allows up to three people to monitor every template that is submitted on the site. Please see the help for the Settings


December 10th EasyPrintUI Release

On December 10th, we released a new version of EasyPrintUI with the following features: Subcategories can be collapsed and expanded on the user’s Home page. The administrator can specify which way they should be shown when the user first signs in. There have been significant performance improvements made to the


New EasyPrintUI Release

Yesterday, July 7th, we released another new version of EasyPrintUI to our clients. Here is what is new in this release: General performance improvements. Everything should feel just a bit snappier now. When a job is resubmitted, don’t try to re-use previous approvers. Approvers may have changed since the job

EasyPrintUI interface

More EasyPrintUI Features

Even though we had just released a new version of EasyPrintUI at the end of April, we have already added two new features that will be important to many of our clients. The Users page now allows an administrator to search using any of the text that can be found


New EasyPrintUI Release

A new release of EasyPrintUI was deployed today that has the following features for all account types: Performance improvements for thumbnails and job previews. Users with bad email addresses are automatically disabled. A notification is sent to the administrator. This prevents starting an approval or completion workflow that can never