July 14th Release of BrandingUI

On July 14th, we released a new version of BrandingUI (formerly EasyPrintUI) for all existing customers with the following features:

  • A new “cc” feature has been added that allows up to three people to monitor every template that is submitted on the site. Please see the help for the Settings page for more details.
  • FTP and Internet transmissions are now sent much more quickly.
  • For users working on a PC or a Mac where Flash is disabled in their browser, a dialog appears suggesting that they enable Flash with a link to Adobe’s instructions. Since Google Chrome is now deprecating Flash starting with version 58, this enables users to use PrintUI’s full-featured Flash editor rather than reverting to the simple fill-in-the-form HTML editor. (Note that this is only a temporary issue because we are hard at work finalizing a brand new HTML5 editor that will have the same robust capabilities that our Flash editor currently has.)