Automatically synchronizes images between Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, and After Effects to each other and with Digital Asset Management systems and other hosted storage hubs.

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About LinkrUI

LinkrUI is a best-in-class extension to Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, and After Effects. It enables direct searching, opening, placing, and syncing of assets stored in a DAM or other storage services such as Box and Dropbox from within Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. LinkrUI also has a unique client-side license management interface so YOU can manage your users.

Search for and open, or place, an asset in...

Modify it. Update the DAM.


  • Browse/search/filter assets in the DAM from LinkrUI
  • Open (or drag and drop) assets that are in the DAM from LinkrUI 
  • Place an asset from the DAM into a working document   
  • Save asset updates back to the DAM 
  • Save a new asset to the DAM 
  • Allow an open or placed asset to be updated if the asset is changed in the DAM
  • Sync an updated asset from the DAM into working documents
  • Sync an updated asset from the DAM into online PrintUI Dynamic Templates
  • If supported by the DAM, allow for a check-in / check-out 

Example Workflow

Here's an example workflow between a Photoshop user and an InDesign user. They're working separately on the same project and linked only via their DAM.

Photoshop user browses the DAM for an image and can either Open or Place the image.

The Photoshop user decides to Open the Image.

The image is modified.

LinkrUI alerts the Photoshop user that the image is no longer in sync with the original image in the DAM.

An InDesign user creates a new document using the same image that they found in the DAM.

The Photoshop user has the option of either updating the original or saving a new asset in the DAM.

The InDesign user is alerted that the image they’ve placed has been modified.

The InDesign user has the option of continuing the asset as they found it or update it to the newly modified version.


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