Product Category: BrandingUI

Troon logo

Case Study: Troon

Troon faced a daunting challenge managing design services for a vast network of 150 golf courses across the U.S. The burden of countless minor edits on marketing materials strained resources and creativity, delaying core tasks. Introducing BrandingUI revolutionized their workflow. Empowering non-designers to swiftly customize collateral reduced dependence on the design team and cut wait times. As a result, marketing services requests dwindled by 50%, costs were curtailed, and operational quality saw a notable uplift. BrandingUI allowed the teams to focus on strategic initiatives, driving efficiency, and delivering tailored marketing collateral with a seamless user experience.

Klubb Sverige logo

Case Study: KlubbSverige

KlubbSverige is Sweden’s largest association of independent gyms. They use our BrandingUI portal to supply over 100 professionally designed templates to over 250 gyms. The cost-effective end result is great-looking advertisements and posters for gym/fitness marketing. CEO Stefan Tingwall explains that “Our customers are happy because they get a lot bang for their buck! And with PrintUI, they get to be part of the [creative] process. Many of them actually enjoy giving their own look and feel to these pieces.”

Indigo Golf Partners logo

Case Study: Indigo Golf Partners

Indigo Golf Partners provides full-service management of and consultation to more than 160 golf clubs in 29 states. They have been using our BrandingUI portal for several years now and their benefits have been huge. They have been able to expand while reducing their workload and drastically reducing their turn-around time on marketing campaigns. We have enabled them to go from 3 week design cycles to less than 24 hours. The marketing team used to respond to 5.5 requests a day, and now they handle 2.5 requests a day. The rest of the requests can be self-served with BrandingUI. This enables the marketing team to be much more creative and pro-active in their campaigns.