Case Study: Troon

BrandingUI: Driving Marketing Materials Nationwide

Full-Service Golf Marketing Agency Leverages BrandingUI To Scale Marketing Efforts Across 150 U.S. Courses

The Challenges

  • Excessive number of small edits for design team
  • Long turnaround times for designs
  • Teams lacked time for core competencies

Thousands of One-off Edits

Buffalo Groupe partners with Troon to deliver design services for their extensive network of Indigo golf courses, which spans over 150 U.S. locations. Their responsibilities encompass a wide range of marketing collateral, including printed materials, social media assets, web content and email campaigns, catering to diverse golf-related events and promotions.

Prior to integrating BrandingUI into their workflow, Buffalo Groupe faced significant challenges in their design process. The team had to allocate considerable time and resources to manually create and update marketing materials for each of the 150 golf courses they served. This meant designers received hundreds of small requests each month to change the logo, course name, location, date and other small details on dozens of materials every week. “This was obviously a very time consuming process,” said Erin Bowman, Area Retail Manager of Troon Golf. In January 2015, they even fulfilled nearly 2,000 requests. Designers and marketers from the Troon team were spending nearly all of their time making small tweaks to existing materials, and they spent very little of their time actually designing beautiful new marketing collateral. Recognizing the need for an optimized solution, they turned to BrandingUI. 


Streamlined brand management
Digital asset storage for each client
50% reduction in marketing services requests
Cost reduction
Quality and process improvement

Empowered Teams

The platform empowers non-designers, or users, to independently make edits and updates to their marketing collateral, eliminating the need to rely on the design team for small revisions. Because the design team can design brand-compliant collateral and can lock certain elements and unlock other elements for editing, users at each golf course can log into BrandingUI and update elements like a logo, event date, location and other key information to customize marketing collateral without risking brand compliance violations. This feature holds significant value on weekends and holidays, when requests for new collateral skyrockets. They can make the changes at the individual golf courses when they need and have their collateral ready quickly.

Previously, the golf courses had to patiently await updated files from the design team, which proved to be a time-consuming process. However, the implementation of BrandingUI transformed this dynamic entirely. Users now have the autonomy to make necessary changes whenever they require them, bypassing the traditional wait times. “The most valuable aspect of BrandingUI is the amount of time saved by allowing users to make their own edits and updates,” said Erin Bowman.

The introduction of BrandingUI streamlined the process by empowering the golf courses to independently select the specific collateral they required. Now users at each golf course can easily input their course-specific information, incorporate their logo and conveniently download the final files. 

This not only saved valuable time, but also enabled Buffalo Groupe’s design team to focus on more substantial projects, driving increased efficiency and productivity. This newfound flexibility enables the golf courses to efficiently update their marketing materials to reflect time-sensitive events, promotions and operational adjustments, ensuring they stay responsive to customer demands. Consequently, the amount of time saved contributes to a smoother workflow and enhanced customer experience.

The Result

The platform garnered a strong positive reaction across both the design team and marketing teams at each individual golf course. Clients express their appreciation for the increased speed of communication with their loyal golfers, facilitated by the platform. Furthermore, the turnaround time for creating marketing collateral has been significantly reduced, leading to enhanced efficiency in campaign execution. “It has improved the efficiency of our design team, our marketing team, and our partners in the field,” said Erin Bowman.

With the streamlined processes and time-saving features provided by BrandingUI, the marketing and design teams can redirect their focus towards their core competencies. They are now able to dedicate their expertise and resources to creating customized, high-level marketing strategies and targeted designs.