Case Study: Owl Eye Media

Keeping a Close Eye on Assets With Linkrui

LinkrUI: Eliminate Hassles in Finding

Owl Eye Media relies on LinkrUI to organize and access digital assets f rom a variety of clients, streamlining the design process. Media pros know that a substantial factor in getting projects delivered on time and on budget is proper file and project organization.

Owl Eye Media is no stranger to the pain of searching for updated assets while working with digital media. Based in Santa Cruz,  California, co-founders Anna Lee-Poli and Kerri Johnson have been making waves in the digital design world for two decades with an emphasis in video production and design.

Together, the pair has an impressive portfolio. Anna has worked for nearly every sports broadcast channel including HBO Sports, ESPN and the NBC Olympics delivering prime video content. Kerri brings an expertise in film and media to the team with experience in television production at ESPN’s Original Entertainment division, HBO Sports and NBC Olympics. Their work has earned them multiple Emmy Award nominations and each of them an Emmy Award win. The duo continues to create inventive designs for clients across the globe.

Owl Eye leads the creative process for multiple clients simultaneously. As their client list grows and requests for custom designs continue to pile in, the team sought an easy-to-use collaboration tool for managing assets.

“We found ourselves losing time, almost weekly, searching for updated versions of current projects for clients and transferring necessary assets such as logos and promotional materials into our work,” says partner Kerri.

They evaluated many plugins and solutions, but none seemed to be a perfect match.

“We do a lot of work with Premiere, Photoshop, and InDesign, so we were searching for a solution that would be compatible with multiple apps at once and keep all our designs in one place for our global team,” says Anna.

Enter LinkrUI

After putting LinkrUI through its paces they adopted it company wide.

LinkrUI is a best-in-class plugin to Adobe Creative Cloud apps that keeps all of their assets synchronized in one panel integrated across Adobe CC Suite applications. Since discovering LinkrUI, Owl Eye depends on it to keep projects organized and up to date across their network of vendors.

LinkrUI saves them time and space by keeping Adobe assets linked with digital storage solutions. When an asset is updated in an app, it is automatically updated in the Digital Asset Manager or cloud storage solution as well.

Owl Eye can browse, search and update files all from within their Adobe Apps.

The best part? LinkrUI was developed by a team of engineers who used to work at Adobe, so they can trust that it was made to work seamlessly with Creative Cloud apps by people who know them inside and out.

“The biggest draw to LinkrUI for us was the fact that it was tailored by people who used to work for Adobe,” said Anna. “It meant that it was made by people who truly understood and appreciated the apps. It was the perfect solution for us because it seemed like a true extension of the app.

Teams, whether they’re working in an office or from home, can stay more connected than ever with LinkrUI. Not only does it directly connect Adobe apps to Digital Asset Managers, the UI automatically sends updates when a team member has made edits to a design so everyone can stay in the loop.

Since implementing LinkrUI, Owl Eye has seen a radical improvement in efficiency due to the time they are saving with a more streamlined design system. The plugin was not only a time saver, it was the perfect addition to the team. The duo can worry less about quality control in projects and can focus on what they do best: creating customized, sleek, marketing content for their clients.