Santa Cruz Software Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Santa Cruz Software, a global leader in software development for cross media content publishing, is celebrating its 10th anniversary since first launching its suite of software design tools that empower collaboration between teams and increase productivity. Serving clients across the globe, Santa Cruz Software offers three design-focused software tools (PrintUI, BrandingUI and LinkrUI) that provide seamless collaboration across small, medium and enterprise-level teams.

Serving over 800 organizations worldwide, Santa Cruz Software provides software for enterprise-level businesses, universities and other organizations that scale content production across multiple departments and locations. The company’s global user base in 2022 created over 2.5 million projects and generated 10.7 million output files. 

After spending much of 2011 developing its first tool, the company was incorporated in December of 2012 under the name PrintUI, the name of their first tool. PrintUI enables graphic designers to use Adobe Systems’ products to easily upload professional templates that can be edited online by nonprofessionals while maintaining branding.  It also allows them to simply and quickly create output in a variety of file formats.  PrintUI has been embedded into many leading digital asset management systems and many other portals.

Also in 2012, the core functionality of PrintUI was placed into a turnkey distributed marketing resource portal originally called EasyPrintUI and now called BrandingUI. It enables all departments of organizations to create brand compliant material at scale, as well as handling approval workflows and sending final print-ready or web-ready results to a variety of destinations.

Launched in 2019, its newest tool LinkrUI is a connector between Adobe applications and digital asset management systems. LinkrUI enables direct in-app searching, opening, placing and synchronizing of digital assets stored in a DAM system or other cloud storage services. With new compatibility for Microsoft Office applications, LinkrUI now provides access to assets between a DAM and Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word to ensure that everyone in an organization can find and work on the latest version. 

“With nearly 100 years combined experience in the Digital Marketing and Print industries for and with Adobe and Adobe technologies, our team is well equipped to build tools that organizations of all sizes need to thrive in design and collaboration,” said Mark Hilton, CEO of Santa Cruz Software. “Both Peter Mireau [Co-founder and CTO] and I spent over a decade working together at Adobe. Gabe Harbs [Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer] was an early adopter of InDesign as the owner of a print shop in Israel. We know the suite of design tools so well that we solve a deeply specific problem in a very straightforward way, empowering designers to spend their time designing. Looking into 2023, we are thrilled about a new solution that will take the learnings we’ve had around InDesign and apply it to a broader set of Adobe and other creative tools to create dynamic content at scale.”