The new PrintUI Installer for Magento

We’ve now made it really easy to integrate PrintUI into web storefronts that are based on the free Magento Community Edition (see Once installed, the store administrator is able to easily create a customizable product in the catalog by just specifying a template name and size, and select yes that the product is customizable.

When end users select a customizable product, a Personalize button lets them enter their customizations similarly to what you see in the demo on They can then Add To Cart or Save Project for later.

Once a customer completes their purchase, the store administrator is able to easily download a high-resolution PDF, JPEG, or InDesign document that reflects the customers customizations.

Here is how the new PrintUI Installer for Magento works:

  1. Download the ZIP file for the Installer.
  2. After unzipping the files, copy them to your Magento directory.
  3. Use your web browser to go to to run the installer. It will check to see if there are any conflicts with any other extensions that you have already installed.
  4. If no conflicts are found, just click the Install Now button. Otherwise, the installer tells you which Magento files conflict so that you can merge them by hand.