EasyPrintUI Version 2 Released

We’re excited to announce version 2 of EasyPrintUI Basic and Advanced client and team portal service. This release has a focus on branding and administrative controls. For current EasyPrintUI Basic and Advanced users you probably noticed that these features recently show up as part of your normal subscription.

Basic Plan

  • Bug fixes.
  • History of job actions (submit, approve, download, etc.) are now shown in the job details.
  • Administrator can enable users to be notified of status changes for a job.
  • The administrator can enable the HTML5 editor in addition to the Flash editor.
  • “Which Categories” on the Users page supports: role, email, company, phone, country, and time zone.

Advanced Plan

  • All the Basic Plan features.
  • Control which file types an approver can download (PDF, JPEG, or IDML).
  • Control which file types an end user can download (PDF, JPEG, or IDML).
  • Specify a default PDF preset for approvers.
  • Let approvers select a PDF preset to use.
  • Let end users select a PDF preset to use.
  • Be able to use a watermark on approver PDFs.
  • Be able to specify a message to use for emails sent to approvers.
  • Email notification is sent to users when a job is rejected.
  • Allow galleries to use image filtering so that images can be shown based on the template and frame.
  • Support an image gallery for replacing the page background.
  • Support numerous additional web application options on the Advanced Settings page, including adding and removing pages and the ability to change the text on the Finished button.
  • Users can now download a PDF proof before submitting their job. Proof PDFs can have a watermark.
  • Administrators can search for jobs and also specify a date range on the Jobs page.
  • End users can search for jobs and also specify a date range for jobs on the History page.
  • Many additional template-by-template settings overrides.