Updated Handling of Fonts

Quite some time ago, we discovered an issue with InDesign Server related to the handling of fonts. The issue proved to be a real sticky one for us because it made separating client fonts very tricky. We worked out a way around the issue, but it was sub-optimal. We filed a bug at Adobe and we’re happy to say that the bug has since been fixed.

Unfortunately the fix broke the workaround that we have been using for the issue. To work around the issue we have been stripping some font information from templates as they have been uploaded. While this helped in the past, this causes issues with the current installation that we have.

We are now using what we believe to be a more reliable method of dealing with client fonts. We have patched all templates on the server and we’ve released a new build of the panel to address these issues. Please make sure you update your panel to the latest version (3.0.2).

The good news is that going forward, font handling should be smoother.