Day: September 3, 2013

Wow sweet shapes

Arbitrary Shapes

PrintUI now supports any InDesign object you can draw! One of the new features we recently pushed out was support for arbitrary InDesign shapes. Until now, PrintUI supported only text frames and rectangular objects. We now have greatly improved the robustness of object support and any object you can draw

Cartoon of person jumping out of chair with laptop getting nuked

Mistakes Happen

That’s Why Auto-save is So Important One of the features that has been requested a number of times is the ability for PrintUI to automatically save a document to the server while working. We’re happy to announce that PrintUI now supports auto-save, so your users never have to worry about


New PrintUI Localizations

We have PrintUI users all over the world, and we constantly add new languages as user demand requires. We’ve recently added a number of languages. We’re happy to say that PrintUI now supports 9 different languages and there are more in the pipeline! Currently we support the following languages: English