New Features Added Since Launch

We’ve been really busy.

Since PrintUI first launched earlier this year we’ve been hard at work. These are the new features that we’ve added:

Web App Features:

  • Locked frames.
  • Support for all supported InDesign file types (including PDF, AI, WMF, PNG, BMP, GIF, etc).
  • Support for placed linked images in InDesign.
  • Support for embedded InDesign graphics.
  • Ability to replace graphics placed in InDesign.
  • Graphic cropping and positioning tools in the web app.
  • Palette controls for frame rotation.
  • Control of image content rotation.
  • Fit frame to image.
  • Fit image to frame.
  • Support for superscript text
  • Support for subscript text
  • Support for arbitrary baseline shift set within InDesign.
  • Support for correct rendering of space before and space after paragraphs.
  • Support for right to left text.
  • Support for first line indent
  • Support for right and left paragraph indent.
  • Support for correct rendering of paragraph direction (i.e. right to left)
  • Restrict display size of small documents (i.e. a business card will not fill the screen when loaded.
  • Improved object selection behavior.
  • Support for InDesign rectangles
  • Support for InDesign text alignment options (e.g. bottom-aligned text).

Web App Run-time Options:

  • Prevent end users from uploading their own images.
  • Prevent end users from adding more text frames.
  • Prevent end users from changing text fonts or text styles.
  • Localization — currently English and Hebrew.

Admin APIs:

  • Display current templates.
  • Get list of job IDs for end user customizations of a template.
  • Get list of fonts used by a template.
  • Get list of size codes for a template.

PrintUI InDesign Extension:

  • Auto update.
  • Ability to download an InDesign document that reflects end user customizations.
  • Much improved preflight error information and suggestions.
  • Design and management tips available within the panel. Developer Info:

  • List of built-in InDesign Server fonts.
  • C# sample code.
  • Integration tips for web storefronts.
  • A simple but complete PHP web site sample.

and much more to come…