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About Santa Cruz Software

Santa Cruz Software is a leader in Web-To-Publish turnkey Software as service portals (hosted or on-premise) and core technologies that are integrated into digital asset management (DAM) applications (Adobe Experience Manager, Box, Brandfolder, Canto, Cierto, Cloudinary, Dropbox, Intelligence Bank, MediaValet, Tenovos, WebDAM (Bynder), and Widen), eCommerce stores, and other third party solutions. Our customers plan, execute, and distribute cross-media marketing collateral and campaigns globally, as well as, create personalizable consumer products.

Our solutions help our customers close the gap between corporate marketing and local marketing and sales by putting professional designs AND corporate brand management guidelines into the hands of their local teams, partners, and customers and empower them to make their own local decisions.

Integratable Dynamic Template Technology Using InDesign 

Hosted or On-Premise Portals for Marketing and Sales Organizations


DAM Connector for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier, and After Effects

Why Choose Santa Cruz Software?

  • Over 400 websites have been using our core technology for over 9 years with millions of jobs processed
  • Multi-tenant, cloud-based SaaS architecture (Hosted or On-Premise)
  • Architected for high performance, scalablity, and privacy
  • Integrates with almost any web site using simple web services APIs
  • Integrated with popular DAMs (Adobe Experience Manager, Box, Brandfolder, Canto, Cierto, Cloudinary, Dropbox, Intelligence Bank, MediaValet, Tenovos, WebDAM (Bynder), and Widen)
  • Integrated with Marketing Automation solutions, such as IBM Silverpop and MailChimp
  • End user customization using an easy-to-use web application running in a web browser
  • Supports multi-channel workflows (email, print, social)
  • No proprietary tools to learn ... Designers use the same tools they use today.
  • Designed for international use and localization
Hosted SaaS Solution or On-Premise SaaS Option  

Our solutions are hosted by us with zero installation necessary! There’s no need to manage servers, deal with complex software, or purchase InDesign Server licenses. We utilize hosting services from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Tasks are separated by multiple servers: Processing jobs through single or multi-instance InDesign Servers; administrative tasks; and Web Application delivery. REST APIs are used for managing templates, fonts, and processing jobs. If needed these services can be deployed an On-Premise SaaS option.

Easily integrated into your own eCommerce site, DAM solution, or delivered as a stand alone Portal

Simply add some HTML code and a bit of server-side programming (such as PHP or .NET) to call our APIs. Adobe Experience Manager, Box, Brandfolder, Canto, Cierto, Cloudinary, Dropbox, Intelligence Bank, MediaValet, Tenovos, WebDAM (Bynder), and Widen are some of our DAM partners.

Native InDesign document support and easy management of templates 

Templates are created using any InDesign document. All features of InDesign are supported correctly, maintaining full fidelity. An extension to InDesign runs on the designer’s machine to prepare the documents for upload and ensures quality control. A web-based administrator's console gives complete control over your templates. 

Architected for a global market 

Our user interface is localized for several languages, including right-to-left and complex languages. Because we're native InDesign based, we support any of the document languages that InDesign supports. Fonts that appear in our web application are completely controlled by the client. Fonts can be specific to a single template or available for all templates.  

Custom Workflows that are based upon the organization for approvals and output type: Print, Email, Microsites, Social Media

Edit once and publish to various output media types such as PDF, PNG, JPEG, HTML, and IDML.

Case Studies

Hundreds of companies use products from Santa Cruz Software. Here are some case studies for a few of them.

Indigo Golf Partners provides full-service management of and consultation to more than 160 golf clubs in 29 states. They have been using our BrandingUI portal for several years now and their benefits have been huge. They have been able to expand while reducing their workload and drastically reducing their turn-around time on marketing campaigns. We have enabled them to go from 3 week design cycles to less than 24 hours. The marketing team used to respond to 5.5 requests a day, and now they handle 2.5 requests a day. The rest of the requests can be self-served with BrandingUI. This enables the marketing team to be much more creative and pro-active in their campaigns.

KlubbSverige is Sweden's largest association of independent gyms. They use our BrandingUI portal to supply over 100 professionally designed templates to over 250 gyms. The cost-effective end result is great-looking advertisements and posters for gym/fitness marketing. CEO Stefan Tingwall explains that “Our customers are happy because they get a lot bang for their buck! And with PrintUI, they get to be part of the [creative] process. Many of them actually enjoy giving their own look and feel to these pieces.”

Woodhoue Day Spas has tripled their number of spa franchises over the last three years. As they grew, distribution of marketing material was becoming very complex, expensive, and labor intensive, making it difficult to control their brand identity. PrintUI provided the solution. How much of a workflow time-saver is PrintUI? For Woodhouse, it’s the difference between multiple people working a few days versus a few hours. According to CMO Paul Erdelt. “Without the PrintUI editor, we’d need to hire more [corporate] staff. I’m not exaggerating,” he insists.


Are you a Corporate Sales and Marketing Team, a Design Agency, or a University?

Are you an independent customizable product business that needs an integrated solution for online design and production?

Santa Cruz Software has a highly scalable and secure web hosted option for you. 

BrandingUI: Turnkey Hosted, or On-Premise, Portals for Corporate Sales and Marketing Teams, Design Agencies, and Universities.

With these SaaS portals our customers plan marketing campaigns and distribute customized cross media marketing collateral globally with customizable workflows by team, department, business unit, franchise, or individual companies.

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PrintUI Professional: Integrated Web-To-Publish Technology

PrintUI Professional is integrated web-to-output (PDF, PNG, JPEG, or HTML) SaaS technology that provides companies with the needed tools to distribute customized cross media marketing collateral and customizable products globally. This technology can be self integrated into eCommerce stores, Digital Asset Management (DAM) services, or just about any other third party hosted solutions.

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LinkrUI: Synchronizes assets between Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, and After Effects to each other and with Digital Asset Management systems and other hosted storage hubs.

LinkrUI enables direct searching, opening, placing, and syncing of assets stored in a DAM or other storage services such as Box and Dropbox from within Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Receive alerts when local assets are no longer in sync with the managed version. LinkrUI also has a unique client-side license management interface so YOU can manage your users.

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With almost 100 combined years of experience working in the Publishing and Print industries for and with Adobe and Adobe technologies you can count on our knowledge and experience in delivering you the best products and services for your business. We’re successful business leaders and expert technologists. But above all, we’re passionate people who love helping our clients propel their businesses forward with standout software solutions and services.


Mark Hilton


Mark was at Adobe for 10 years. In his most recent role, he was the Vice President of Product Management for the Creative Suite products from the initial concept through Creative Suite 4 (CS4). He ran the InDesign business and product management teams from InDesign 1.5 through CS4.

Twitter and LinkedIn

Peter Mierau


Peter has 30 yrs of industry experience that includes 15 yrs at Adobe. He was Director of Engineering at Adobe and he's designed and managed highly scalable cloud solutions and data centers that handle many gigabits of bandwidth, and thousands of servers.


Gabe Harbs

Chief Experience Officer

Close to 20 years ago, "Harbs" entered the publishing industry from the print side. Harbs was an early adopter of InDesign; he's owned a print shop, run his own successful software business, and is a recognized expert in the field.



We are delighted to talk to you about our integratabtle technologies and hosted solutions for brand managers, solutions providers, or commercial printing, whether you are interested in our turnkey InDesign Server solutions or are looking for a custom software solution.