New EasyPrintUI Release

New EasyPrintUI Release

Posted by Peter Mierau | July 8, 2016 | EasyPrintUI, Features

Yesterday, July 7th, we released another new version of EasyPrintUI to our clients. Here is what is new in this release:

  • General performance improvements. Everything should feel just a bit snappier now.
  • When a job is resubmitted, don’t try to re-use previous approvers. Approvers may have changed since the job was originally submitted and may no longer make sense. The only exceptions are for rejected jobs (since the person rejecting the job really ought to see the resubmitted job) and for jobs where an Enterprise user has specifically selected an approver.
  • When FTP or Internet transmissions fail, there are now three retries 10 minutes apart.
  • An administrator is now able to search on the Templates page. And uncategorized templates (those marked “None”) can be suppressed from the list.
  • When an administrator deletes or disables a user, they can now easily assign the user’s jobs to someone else.
  • When an administrator manually adds a new user, the email address and password are included in the notification email that is sent to the new user.
  • When an administrator changes a user’s role, the notification email contains a lot more detail about the new role.
  • When an administrator encounters a bad email address (i.e. one that bounces or that has been abused), they can get detailed help about how to deal with it.
  • Various miscellaneous bug fixes.


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