New EasyPrintUI Release

New EasyPrintUI Release

Posted by Peter Mierau | April 28, 2016 | EasyPrintUI, Features

A new release of EasyPrintUI was deployed today that has the following features for all account types:

  • Performance improvements for thumbnails and job previews.
  • Users with bad email addresses are automatically disabled. A notification is sent to the administrator. This prevents starting an approval or completion workflow that can never finish because notifications cannot be delivered.
  • When a user requests a new account, the user can be sent a validation email to avoid bogus users.
  • Administrators can now set their base fonts within EasyPrintUI instead of having to log into a separate administration server.
  • The Templates page is now paginated to prevent Javascript errors when clients have hundreds of templates.
  • The Templates page now has a “jump” list to quickly go to a specific category.
  • On download pages, each page of a multi-page document can be previewed one by one. A JPEG or PNG of a specific page can also be downloaded.
  • Updated help text.
  • Fixed match logic when Role is used in Which Categories.

For Advanced and Enterprise accounts:

  • Approved and completed forms can now be delivered via FTP or HTTP.
  • Box can now be selected as one of the social image galleries.

For Enterprise accounts:

  • A warning triangle appears on the Settings page if there are not enough approvers in a department.
  • Fixed cases where department approvers were not found for a user, especially when an approver was responsible for an entire business unit.

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